Children playing

Can children benefit from Bodytalk?

As a parent we are concerned about our children’s health and compromised immunity as a result of ongoing lingering illnesses. BodyTalk effectively addresses common children’s complaints such as colic, asthma, earaches, allergies, nightmares, hormonal changes during puberty. Many children have experienced relief from the symptoms from ADD/ADHD, fears or phobias around school, other children, exam stress, teachers, bullying, concentration challenges. Children enjoy BodyTalk, because it is non-invasive and gentle.

Benefits for Kids

  • Increase your child’s confidence
    • Improve newborn health
    • Expanding self-awareness and body-awareness
    • Feeling understood, nurtured, and respected by parents
    • Improved communication and understanding of emotions
    • More balanced behaviour – fewer tantrums, more cooperative
    • Improved sleep patterns
    • Decreasing physical, mental and emotional symptoms
    • Decreased impact of active memories (negative experiences that can impact your child)

Benefits for Parents

  • Reduce pregnancy stress and support labor and childbirth
    • Gaining insight and understanding into what your child is feeling and going through
    • Improved your awareness of your own behaviour and parenting techniques
    • Understanding the correlation between the stress in your environment and your child’s behaviour
    • Expanded awareness of your child
    • Stepping out of being “stuck” as a parent
    • Learning how to positively manage the stresses of everyday life and how it pertains to your child and your family
    • Improved communication and understanding of emotions (both yours and your child’s)
    • Improved mindfulness about how to deal with your child in a way that is positive and constructive for both of you

BodyTalk is a unique holistic healing modality that helps to re-establish the lines of communication within the body. It’s a very simple and non-invasive modality that works on re-balancing at all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. And it is safe to use at any age, including for newborns, babies and children of all ages.

How a session works.

Every BodyTalk session begins with a consultation with the parent or guardian and child, where we assess the child’s current state of health and well-being. If it is the child’s first BodyTalk experience we will go over the procedure with them and explain how BodyTalk works through the use of muscle testing to communicate with the body’s innate wisdom to determine those areas of the body/mind that communication needs to be re-established.

The child can be either sitting up or lying down fully clothed while the practitioner programs the child’s wrist with the appropriate responses from innate for “yes” and “no” answers. In situations where the child is too small for the practitioner to use their wrist, the parent or guardian’s wrist would be used as a surrogate.

The session is concluded with a detailed review of each of the formulas that were a priority for the child. This would include if there were any recommendations for any follow-up sessions, homework required, or even if Innate recommended another modality to further bring the child back to optimal health.

BodyTalk can be used as a stand-alone system and also be integrated with any other modality in health and preventative care. BodyTalk does not prescribe any medications, nor does it diagnose. Sessions can also be easily done by distance.

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