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Trust your subconscious to unravel the layers, allowing your body/mind/spirit to repair and live freely. The change you need is already inside of you.

I will provide a safe environment to assist you in releasing what you are holding on to without any judgment.

I am passionate and committed to supporting you step-by-step to release emotional blocks, beliefs and trauma, relieving pain and stress.

I will guide you to clarity and self-awareness, bringing balance, peace and joy to your body-mind.

I love to support clients of all ages, who are ready to begin their journey. These sessions can be conducted in the comfort of your own home by remote sessions or within my clinic.

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Jeanette is recognized by the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada.


The following therapies are astonishingly simple, safe and effective holistic methods that allow the body's communication system to be reactivated in order operate as nature intended.

Holistic Healing BodyTalk


BodyTalk is a simple, safe and effective holistic therapy that allows the body’s communication systems to operate as nature intended. Once these links are in place, the body defends against illness, heals itself at a more rapid rate, and more easily adapts to life’s challenges. More →

Therapeutic Therapeutic Touch®


Therapeutic Touch® is a contemporary interpretation of several ancient healing practices. It is an intentionally directed process of energy exchange during which the practitioner uses the hands as a focus to facilitate the healing process. The practitioner may apply light touch with permission during the Therapeutic Touch session or may simply move his/her hands a few inches from the body.

More →

Relaxing Essential Oil Massage


Relax and unwind with a unique approach to massage. This healing modality combines manual techniques, essential oils, acupressure and Therapeutic Touch® to align and rejuvenate your energies, relieve stress, and re-balance your system. More →

Save Packages


Improve your well-being and save money with package deals.

To enhance your overall health, I offer packages at a reduced rate.

Deepen your healing experience by setting an intention for ongoing support.

Sessions can be conducted remotely or in person at my clinic.

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  • Andrea G

    Jeanette's knowledge, training, and caring nature is evident in the effectiveness of her BodyTalk sessions. In your sessions with her, you will feel calm, supported, free from judgement, and leave feeling relaxed with a sense of clarity. Thank you so much Jeanette for guiding me in feeling emotionally lighter, in a safe and cozy environment. Kelowna,BC

  • Manbir S

    Jeannette has always been very kind and helpful. From the very first session, I have noticed considerable changes, from a more clear mind to having more energy overall. I look forward to these sessions and the positive impact each one has on different aspects of my life. Highly recommended and worth a try, you won't regret it! Vancouver, BC Remote Sessions

  • Jenn W

    Jeanette is a professional who is passionate and devoted to her practice. Her space is warm and inviting. I have had the pleasure of knowing Jeanette for some years now and I am so happy she has chosen to help others heal through energy work. She is very intuitive and knows exactly what I need each session. She truley has helped me connect with my body on a deeper level. She has made me realize how much we are missing in our everyday lives if we don’t pay attention to what our senses are telling us. Jeanette has also been able to help my dog Opi by relieving his pain so he could have a speedy recovery. I highly recommended Jeanette Kirschner to anyone who has exhausted our western medical system and wants a different approach to healing within. You will not regret it! Kelowna, BC

  • Margorie M

    I just wanted to thank you, Jeanette, for my recent sessions with you. The focus on my soul and body alignment really enriched every part of my life. I am releasing that which does not help me in my healing...and I have lost 14 pounds already(in 3 weeks)! I have more physical energy, a clearer mind, and I am somehow expressing a personality that is greater than the sum of my parts. Everything is falling into place and in order. I AM healing from the INSIDE OUT! You are truly a gift in my life! I sincerely recommend Jeanette for profound healing from all sorts of ailments from back and neck pain to anxiety and depression. Bodytalk will help with addictions, skin issues, eye sight, insomnia, fatigue, and much more. She is a powerful intuitive and is so genuine in her approach. In Gratitude, Marge McAtarsney Kelowna, BC

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    Complimentary Inside Out Connection Call

    Free 10-minute call – This 10-minute complimentary call will allow me to connect with you to discuss your challenges, your goals, and the benefits of starting your healing from the inside out.


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    Remote Sessions available BodyTalk Session

    BodyTalk is a system that supports the process of releasing belief-systems, stress, and trauma, while re-establishing whole Body/Mind connections. I will support you in gaining clarity and self-awareness, while exploring what brings balance, peace, and joy to your life.

    Remote Sessions Available.

    Connect with me from the comfort of your own home, via zoom or phone. Book your session time and we will connect with a quick phone call or text, whichever your preference.

    *All remote sessions must be paid prior to service

    Children Under 14 years of age Kids BodyTalk Session

    As a parent we are concerned about our children’s health and compromised immunity as a result of ongoing lingering illnesses. BodyTalk effectively addresses common children’s complaints such as colic, asthma, earaches, allergies, nightmares, hormonal changes during puberty. Many children have experienced relief from the symptoms from ADD/ADHD, fears or phobias around school, other children, exam stress, teachers, bullying, concentration challenges. Children enjoy BodyTalk, because it is non-invasive and gentle.

    $70.00 savings 90-day Transformational Package

    Two BodyTalk sessions per month for 3 months (6 sessions in total), with a bonus of a 1-hour Essential Oil Massage.

    This package will give you the full benefits of starting the process of healing your body and mind from the inside out. It will support you to release old patterns and to allow new ones to arise. It will aid in supporting you to release emotional blockages, traumas, and stress, while creating the life you truly want. This package will also include a 1-hour Essential Oil Massage to relax and unwind, and to increase your body’s absorption of the treatments’ benefits.

    (These sessions can be by zoom/phone or in clinic)

    *All remote sessions must be paid prior to service

    $40.00 savings includes 4 sessions Inside Out Healing Package

    Bundle your sessions and save! Your body recognizes the patterns you create, by booking ahead your Body/Mind starts to process and heal at a deeper level. This package allows you to start your journey before you start your session.

    This package includes 4 sessions.

    (This package can be by zoom/phone)

    *All remote sessions must be paid prior to service

    Therapeutic Touch® Session

    Therapeutic Touch is a safe, gentle, non-invasive holistic practice that facilitates the body’s own healing process. This session is about 20 minutes long, in a quiet relaxing atmosphere. At the end of the treatment, you will be required to lie on the table for 10-15 minutes to fully absorb all the benefits of the treatment.

    Remote Sessions available.

    Connect with me from the comfort of your own home. Book your session time and we will connect with a quick phone call or text, whichever your preference.

    *All remote sessions must be paid prior to session

    $40.00 savings includes 5 sessions Therapeutic Touch® Package

    Buddle your sessions and save! Therapeutic Touch is a gentle, relaxing modality that calms your body from the inside out. Bundling your sessions allows your body to get the full benefits each month for 5 months.

    This package contains 5 Therapeutic Touch Sessions (must be used with-in 5 months)

    (This package can be by remote)

    *All remote sessions must be paid prior to service


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    Essential Oil Massage

    This one-hour essential oil massage will relax and unwind the everyday stressors with a unique approach. By incorporating manual techniques, essential oils, acupressure, and therapeutic touch to align and rejuvenate your energies, relieve stress, and re-balance your system.

    Release Are you tired of being on a hamster wheel of repetitive negative thinking? Let me support you to release stress, trauma, and limiting belief systems and start leading the life you were meant to live.